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  • Maya Classic Period
    Maya Classic Period expert archaeological investigations propose that there were urban centres within which many of the huge Mayan edifices were erected, among them, a number in Belize.

  • Maya of Belize
    Maya of Belize shows many archaeological projects and reports resulting from them refer to the small country of Belize, which once formed part of a significant region of Maya settlements.

  • Maya Post Classic of Western Belize
    Maya Post classic of Western Belize From the data gathered, it has been deduced that there was “a viable Postclassic period” in the Belize Valley.

  • Maya Post Classic Period
    Maya Post classic Period Maya traditions and ways of life did not disappear but rather changed from the central lowlands of Mexico to the northern highlands.

  • Maya Post Classic Period In Belize
    Maya Post classic period In Belize includes sites Pusilha, Wild Cane Caye, Mayflower sites, Xunantunich, Baking Pot, Buena Vista, Caracol, Colha Lamanai, Santa Rita, Aventura, and Caye Coco.

  • Maya Post Classic Period of Northern Belize
    Maya Post classic period of Northern Belize This paper by Morris and Awe is aimed at contributing to what the authors have stated as “a heightened interest by scholars in the Postclassic Maya”.

  • Maya Post Classic Period Of Southern Belize
    Maya Post classic period of Southern Belize is especially marked by its involvement in long distance trade.

  • Mayan Calender 2012
    The Mayan Calender 2012 video.

  • Mayan Calender Explained
    The Mayan Calender Explained

  • Mayan Sites Map
    Mayan sites map shows the mayan sites through out Central America